May 10, 2018

Dear Dr. Putter,

On behalf of the BC College of Family Physicians (BCCFP), it gives us great pleasure to provide you with the submission that we received from one of your patients for the My Family Doctor

The My Family Doctor Award was created by the BCCFP in 2014 to recognize excellence among family doctors in the province. This year we received over 300 nominations from patients wishing to recognize their own family doctors. The Awards Committee has already
informed the recipient of the award

It has been a true privilege to review all of the nominations as they highlight the compassion of the profession, the partnership in care, and the real appreciation that patients feel for their
family doctors. We are filled with pride to share with you that your work is valued and what you do every day really makes a difference to the lives of your patients:

Dr Putter at Nanaimo Mall Clinic is a very gentle and compassionate Dr... I was so fortunate to find him at the clinic and can say hes the best ...and deserves a special recognition.

Best wishes in your continuing practice

June 2018

Dr.Putter is an amazing doctor. He takes your concerns seriously and remembers your medical issues and documents them properly.

I’ve had some serious medical issues -still ongoing - and he keeps trying to help me get the “correct”diagnosis. My doctor prior to him never listened and acted as if I was exaggerating my symptoms..

Finding Dr.Putter 3 years ago was a great relief. He will always send you to the right specialist ( he takes into consideration who will be the fastest / best avenue) as GPs are general doctors and they can’t possibly know every area of medicine. He is funny, intelligent, dresses well ( I like that in a doctor -shows they have self care) and really genuinely cares about his patients . If he doesn’t know an answer- he will look into it.He is also a great mentor to new Doctors at the clinic .

I love this clinic...and have found the receptionists very helpful, easy going , and they will always do their best to get you in . I’ve also watched them do this for others that arrived late - past the walk- in cut off time. The clinic has been slightly revamped, has a few different doctors, and it’s a good change- very friendly vibes. It is in an ideal location in Rutherford Mall ... you can shop or grab a latte while you wait ,,, and the LD pharmacy is right there. The best location for a clinic in Nanaimo.